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Twitter’s Impact on Business, Education, Other Social Networks, and Driving Skills With No Hands

Over 100 Million People have signed up for Twitter, so it is making a dent on the way normal society lives their lives. At first most people shunned it because, it seemed rather petty to send out short bursts of nonsense to friends and followers. Of course, some celebrities noted that it was a good […]

Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

If you have an online business or even if you have a brick and mortar business using social media to grow your business can be very instrumental in taking your business to the next level. Delegating your social networking tasks out can really free up your time to market and strategize new ways to build […]

How to Use Facebook For Business

There are a growing number of social media sites being used by businesses in their company marketing efforts. The secret to using social media effectively is not to be everywhere, but instead to have an online presence where your current and prospective customers are online. Contrary to what many believe- Facebook is not just for […]

Relationship Marketing, Social Media and Business

Relationship Marketing and Business Social Media and relationship marketing are now front-and-center in any business marketing campaign. In the era of social media, relationships are not only important for business, but they are critical. Why are relationships important for business? The well-known acronyms B to B (Business to Business) and B to C (Business to […]

Why Entertainment Polls Are a Valuable Form of Social Media

Have you noticed all the entrainment polls that are cropping up lately? Maybe you have seen them on social media sites where people vote on hot celebrities. Maybe your friend has created one and sent it to you. Maybe you have noticed them on your favorite entertainment blogs. But they are everywhere and they are […]

Making Social Media Work for Your Small Business

As a business owner, you understand how important social media is for the success of your business. You have made it your business to learn what you need to know in order to make social media work for you. However, you find that it isn’t enough. What do you need to do? Leveraging social media […]

Why Avoiding Social Media Marketing Is Bad for Business

There are still a lot of businesses today that have little or no online presence. Not only should a business have a website, but maintaining an active presence in social media is also an important part of being successful. If you want to build your brand, you have to rely on more than just the […]

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