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How To Build A Business Ethics Program

Recent corporate financial scandals have highlighted the importance of business ethics and legal compliance. Yet a recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey of 280 corporate CEOs and directors found that “only one of three directors felt that they were highly effective in ensuring legal compliance”. Ethics in Business Most companies realize that they […]

What is Ethical Business Behavior?

Most individuals honestly believe that they operate with high integrity and demonstrate ethical behavior with others in the workplace. The problem is that people often don’t have the same definition of what constitutes ethical behavior. That’s why some business and professional organizations create codes of ethical conduct. In 10 years of service on the ethics […]

Business Ethics – Why Are They Important in Small Business?

Rarely is there the individual who does not encounter an ethical or moral dilemma at some point in his or her business life. Whether that individual is the owner of a multinational corporation, a small business entrepreneur, or a new or established employee, everyone is likely to have to face such an instance eventually. Much […]

Introduction to Business Ethics

Is it possible for an individual with strong moral values to make ethically questionable decisions in a business setting? What affects a person’s inclination to make either ethical or unethical decisions in a business organization? Although the answers to that question are not entirely clear, there appear to be three general sets of factors that […]

Business Ethics Definition

The commonsense and immediately obvious definition of business ethics has to be something clearly along the lines of “The moral standards which guide the running and transactions of businesses”. But as soon as we start asking some broader questions around the subject, the precise nature of business ethics in action becomes much cloudier and contested. […]

Five Essential Questions: Business Ethics

Ethics are the focus of much discussion and media coverage in the post-Enron and WorldCom scandal tainted world of business. Leadership, always an area of study for organizations of all types and sizes, is receiving even more attention as a result of corporate and other forms of corruption (such as the recent events with Tom […]

Business Ethics In America

In order to fully understand ethics and how they relate to business, one must first define its key components. Ethics can be broken down into three categories: social, organizational, and individual. Corporations are bound by social ethics which challenge them to hold accountable for their own actions its company officers, management, and stakeholders, who aspire […]

Is Buying Reviews an Ethical Business Practice?

As soon as you throw around words like “Ethical”, I get ready for a lecture on morality and religion. That is not the intent of this article. However I will provide you with a sliding scale and you can impose your own sense of ethics and morality to determine which end of that scale you […]

Business Ethics and Unethical Practices

The study of business ethics and its implications for different stakeholders have seen tremendous growth in the past few decades. There has also been a rise in the use and development of codes of ethics and announcements for ethical practices by many firms; however companies are still criticized for their unethical practices at different levels […]

Honest and Ethical Business Practices

Online marketers, how honest and ethical are you really? Do you make false claims in your advertising, such as make $37,000 in your first month? Just because one person in your business did, and he was probably the one who started the business, it doesn’t mean that we will all have the same success. Any […]

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