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Business Card

Business Card Do’s and Don’ts

The business card is one of the most used and least understood tools in business today. Whether CEO of a Fortune 500 Company or founder and part-time CEO of a web-based start-up, the business card is an effective communication and marketing tool. But like any tool, it must be used properly. The do’s and don’ts […]

Business Card Benefits

I probably don’t need to tell you that business cards are an incredibly powerful way of getting your name in people’s minds. There are several benefits to having your own business card the first being that it gives you a way to leave your impression on potential customers. Are business cards for everyone? The simple […]

Business Cards for Craft People

No one knows your craft in the same way that you do. So how do you present your craft on a three and a half by two-inch card in a way that will generate business? The first thing you need to think about is the purpose of a business card. You already know about creativity, […]

Mobile Business Card Scanner

The mobile business card scanner or compact business card scanner as it’s now commonly called is no longer a want; it is now a need. If you are to manage all your information concerning your business contacts effectively then this is one tool that you can make use of. Using it you can keep an […]

Compare Business Card Scanners – Read This Review Before You Buy Online

Various models of business card scanners are now available. This article does not only compare business card scanners but looks at the specifications of some of them as well. Based on these specifications you should be able to make a good comparison based on what you want your scanner to be able to do for […]

Business Card Etiquette – How to Give and Receive Business Cards

A business card is a singularly powerful tool for self-advertisement. If lets you market yourself to a very wide audience without the hassle and prohibitive cost of newspaper advertising. When you have business cards printed in bulk, however, be sure to get yourself a business card case. It’s crass to distribute your business card without […]

10 Business Card Basics – Does Yours Have Them?

Do you consider your business card a marketing tool, or just a basic business necessity? If your answer is “a basic business necessity” you’re missing out on an inexpensive, often overlooked, valuable marketing tool. I think many small business owners miss the boat when it comes to their business card. I’m looking at a variety […]

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