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Bollywood’s Influence on Society

Bollywood or the Indian film industry has always had a huge influence on the Indian society. People across the country love to follow popular Bollywood Actors and Actresses who set new trends for the people to follow. People have immense love for the popular Bollywood Actresses and Actors, and by emulating them they show their […]

Three Most Underrated Bollywood Movies in Recent Times

Every year, there are a couple of movies that pass unnoticed at the Box office barometer, and even the critics cannot do justice to the movie at the end of the day. These underrated movies are then relegated to the Film Festivals and other such scenarios, which might, or might not be financially rewarding for […]

Why Is Hollywood Famous?

Hollywood is the place where the United States’ motion pictures and television industries have most of their studios and offices. It is situated in the north-west of Los Angeles, California. It has many attractions for the film industry. It has an ideal climate, sunny and mild with varied terrain. In 1908, one of its first […]

What is Bollywood?

Maybe it’s a bit of a simple question. I mean, everyone knows what Bollywood is right? It’s the film industry! Ahh! Well, you’ll be shocked at how many people can actually give a solid definition. This is actually a common question I get asked, because people want a REAL definition, one that actually stands. Here’s […]

Biggest and Top Bollywood Movie Hits of 2008

All ye’ Bollywood fans and Bollywood lovers are interested in knowing which indeed was the most successful Bollywood movie of 2008. Is it Ghajini or Golmaal Returns? Or is there other clear winner? What do trade guides show? Which Bollywood movie truly rocked 2008? Is the most successful Bollywood movie of 2008, also your favorite […]

Hollywood of Today – Synergy Marketing Strategy

New Millennium of Filmmaking In the New Millennium of filmmaking, Hollywood operates according to a synergy marketing strategy. This is because the new Hollywood of Today is no longer controlled by the former studio giants founded during the studio system that was prevalent from the early 1920s to the 1950s. Columbia, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century-Fox, […]

History of Bollywood

The Indian film industry has a huge fan base not only at home but also abroad, especially in countries which have a significant Indian population. The term Bollywood is a term coined for the Hindi-language film industry set in Bombay, India. Bollywood is often incorrectly referred to the whole of Indian Cinema. It is in […]

Bollywood Movie Sequels – How Do They Score in the Box Office?

Bollywood sequels are usually hot subjects especially when the first part or prequel does really well at the box office. Don 2, which is a sequel to SRK-starrer Don, will release in 2011. That’s quite a lot of time, considering Don-The Chase Begins released in 2006. This is because now, Bollywood sequels are being churned […]

Hollywood – Five Ways How to Get Your Foot in the Door of the Entertainment Industries

So you just got to Hollywood, California because you are following your dreams of becoming an actor, director, musician, or model. The great city looks intimidating and is a polar opposite of the small down you came from. The Batman and Spiderman look-a-likes on Hollywood Boulevard entertain you, the fancy cars impress you, and the […]

Bollywood Actresses Who Went Nude

Bollywood, the biggest film industry in the world, with respect to the number of films released, has been fairly conservative with regards to love-making scenes or nudity. Due to the cultural upbringing and conditioning of India, sex was more or less a taboo and nudity has been something that has been kept off limits. The […]

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