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Computer Technology Improves Home Entertainment

Every time the computer industry tries to make inroads into the home entertainment center by offering products that are designed to use the home TV screen as a computer screen, consumers offer a lot of resistance. Yet, the computer industry persists as evidenced by Intel’s Viiv technology and the fact that the media center version […]

Nokia 3600 Slide Red – Entertainment Enhanced

The Nokia 3600 Slide Red has a creditable entertainment facet. The digital music and videos play a major component of the entertainment feature. This mobile phone has a multi-format compatible music player which enables all type of music to be listened to with equal clarity and sound effects. FM Radio and Stereo Headsets are also […]

Technology Has Changed the Operational Fabric of Successful Corporations

Over the course of my consulting career, I have found many similarities in the problems facing many corporations. One reason why there is a “repetitive theme” to the types of problems I encounter is that most large organizations I consult to still are very “hierarchical” in structure. This is a popular form of organizational structure […]

Polk Audio I – Sonic Entertainment System 2 (iPod Dock and HD Radio)

The new Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 is a follow up from its highly acclaimed predecessor. It is essentially a sound system for you iPod and a HD radio tuner. This new model features a new improved design and great advancements in audio quality. I am an owner of several high-end sound systems from […]

A Very Brief Recent History of Business Technology Applications

In the late 1990’s technology soared. It was the era of the dot.com boom and subsequent bust. Many new software and hardware advances were adopted by large companies that began to integrate new technologies into their business processes. Some of these technologies were on the ‘bleeding edge’ with buggy software, crashes, insufficient memory and so […]

Business Database Software

Small and large businesses have a headache-inducing number of choices available when investigating business database software that will lower costs and make their business as efficient as possible. All of these programs have a database at their heart even if they ostensibly aren’t a database package, and most will be industry or process-specific. Many software […]

New Portable Entertainment Devices are Big on Technology But Small in Size

These days television technology seems to be focusing on the extremely large with the recent introductions of Plasma TV’s over one hundred inches across. With prices falling on LCD and Plasma screen technology and LCD’s getting bigger, consumers seem to be driven to get the largest TV they possibly can. Though it’s not getting as […]

Mobile Applications and Its Benefit in Business

A mobile phone application can be a major boon to a shrewd business owner as it is an excellent and powerful means of directly raising awareness about the company that is responsible for producing it. Please do not be too misled by the name, for a mobile phone application does not simply relate to a […]

SAP Business One vs Microsoft Dynamics GP – Highlights for Consultant

In this small article we will not make side-by-side technical specs comparison. We would rather like to give you opinions from both sides – Microsoft and SAP. Both products target mid-size businesses in the USA, Europe (however Microsoft Great Plains – Dynamics GP will be leaving continental Europe market starting with version 10.0 – somewhere […]

Importance of Technology in Business

Technology plays a vital role in business. Over the years businesses have become dependent on technology so much so that if we were to take away that technology virtually all business operations around the globe would come to a grinding halt. Almost all businesses and industries around the world are using computers ranging from the […]

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