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How Delhi’s first-ever Bihari restaurant Potbelly Rooftop Cafe is breaking all regional …

Bihari cuisine is not just about Litti Chokha. The rich ancient heritage of the place is infused in their cuisine, courtesy its authentic flavours, aromas of the spices and condiments – all put together to serve the most sumptuous fare that a food aficionado can ever dream of. And Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, tucked away in […]

Teesta – The Tea Shop: A good evening hangout place for students, young office goers

In the busy metro life of Delhi-NCR, a cup of tea is always soothing. Be it after a long drive or just a long walk with someone special on a drizzly evening, everything is incomplete without a good cup of tea or coffee. On one fine evening driving aimlessly with a friend I bumped into […]

Restaurant Review: Desi Roots is an absolute delight

New Delhi: With Select City Walk offering multiple eating options, visitors usually don’t feel the need to look outside to dig into their favorite dishes. But with a choice like Desi Roots to explore, you’d just not want to miss. Decor: The space has been designed beautifully and resonates of art-deco whose walls, interesting portraits […]

Bueno Kitchen proves Re 1 is all you need to fill stomach!

Bueno Kitchen proves Re 1 is all you need to fill stomach!

If you stay in Gurgaon or have just dropped in at a friend’s place who resides there, scrumptious food is just a click and call away! At a time when every leading food chain is delivering world cuisines at one’s doorstep, at Bueno Kitchen  stands out for its new strategy. If Bueno Kitchen happens to […]

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