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Daily Lives Depend Upon Fifth House of the Vedic Astrology

Fifth House Rajanka (sovereign’s mark); kara (tax or toll); Buddhi (intellect); Tanaya(children); Putra (son); jartara(belly); Smriti (traditional law) poorvapunya (virtuous act preciously sone). The fifth house of Vedic astrology is the house of progeny. It denotes whether one will have children or not. Benefic or the moon in the fifth house increases the strength and […]

Tarot Business Cards

Tarot business cards are an essential part of getting the message out there about your tarot reading service. In your work as an online psychic tarot reader the idea is to communicate your message in a refreshing and positive way. A business card is a metaphysical representation of your energy and it is what people […]

Monthly Horoscope: April 2015

Monthly Horoscope April 2015

You can Find Below the Monthly Horoscope according to your Sun sign. So Just read and enjoy at your one station ifandwhat.com and also don’t forget to subscibe for more updates.  Aries : Keep emotions under control during the weekend of the April 4 Full Moon. Several old friends could bring up stories and memories […]

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