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Month – November 2015

Food Delivery Service Business Plan – Top 3 Sales Questions to Ask

If you are interested to setup your own food delivery service or maybe you are looking for a food delivery service franchise business, you need to make sure you are asking the right questions before embarking and investing on it. No matter how profitable they say a business could be, there are 3 basic questions […]

Build a Trading Business You Can Be Proud Of

Robert Kyosaki can build a trading business of meteoric proportions with very little effort. Any of his wisdom should therefore not be ignored. One pearl of wisdom is “in order to trade successfully, mind your own business.” When I first ran across that, I laughed. What does he mean, “Buzz off?” Not exactly. He means […]

Lawn Mowing Business – Ways to Advertise

It is generally recognized that advertising is a necessary part of a lawn mowing businesses marketing strategy. While many lawn care operators feel that word of mouth referrals based on a lawn care businesses reputation are the best way to get new clients this method alone cannot provide the volume of prospective clients that a […]

Dressing For Business Success

They say that clothes make the man/woman. This can in fact be the case when going into the world of business. Whether you are attending meetings to hash out problems or if you are applying for a loan, dressing for success is important. When you dress in a professional manner you are seen as professional. […]

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

“But, why do I need a website? I have been in business a long time and never needed a website” Well, that is a good argument and may be valid. However, the times, they are a changin’. Having a website is like having a sign that says you are open for business. It is just […]

Business Casual – 5 Tips for Professional and Casual Business Dress

Are you confused about what business casual dress really means? It’s a merging of the formal, tailored, dark & neutral colors of business wear, with the relaxed, loose, comfortable look of casual wear. It’s not weekend wear, or sportswear. It’s somewhere in between. It combines the professionalism of business dress with the comfort of casual […]

Business Triage

What do Tylenol, New Coke, Jack-in-the-Box, Bag Leaf Spinach, Katrina and the World Trade Center have in common? They were all disasters. More specifically, they were all business disasters, and the outcomes of each of these disasters was completely dependent on managing needs and resources. But what does triage have to do with business? If […]

Starting a Home Business – How to Write a Business Plan That Guides Your Success!

Writing a business plan isn’t optional just because you consider this simply a home business. You are a small business owner. A written business plan is required to secure finances or investors in your new home business. Starting a home business with your own funds and ideas doesn’t mean you don’t need a business plan. […]

Advanced Business English Lessons

Business English is somewhat of an advanced topic in and of itself. Beginners might think they want to study it in hopes of earning more money, but they are wasting their time unless they have a basic understanding of English. With that said, however, there are millions of students who are in desperate need of […]

Business Strategy

A business strategy is formulated by selecting the target audience of the product and assembling the marketing mix. A firm can assemble marketing mix elements in many different ways so that the relative weightage of the different elements will be different in the different combinations. Because of this reality, business firms are employing an abundance […]

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